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Poetry Cafe


It's a wrap Eagles!  We closed out our last Cafe of the year, and the presenters were oh so good!  Seniors, we wish you all the best.  As for the rest, we see you at the cafe in September of 2017! 


Education Foundation Acknowledgement

What is your reason for using the library? (Submit as many times as necessary.)
Visit with friends: 10 votes (2.53%)
Library materials for school: 9 votes (2.28%)
Library materials for you: 7 votes (1.77%)
Homework: 129 votes (32.66%)
Quiet place: 13 votes (3.29%)
Help from a Librarian: 5 votes (1.27%)
Internet: 222 votes (56.2%)
Total Votes: 395


Library Hours

Library Hours
Monday 7:45-4:30
Tuesday 7:45-4:30
Wednesday 7:45-4:30
Thursday 7:45-4:30
Friday 7:45-4:30






Any changes to regular hours
will be posted at the
library entrance and exit. 

Course Assignments

Look here for course research guides to help you with your assignments.  Click on the drop drown box to find subjects and guides. 

Request a Book


We gladly accept book purchase requests. Please keep in mind that sometimes it may take up to six weeks for the title to be added to our collection. Click on the form to submit your request, and we'll do our best to keep you updated.         



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